Free Mix Part 4

Dj Fly, Kool G Rap & Dj Polo, Mystikal, Busta Rhymes, Nice & Smooth, and more…

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Tracklist :

Dj Fly – Intro Free Mix Part.4
Kool G Rap & Dj Polo – Ill Street Blues
Mystikal – Bouncin back
Busta Rhymes – Make Noise
Dj Fly – KRS One Session
Nice & Smooth – Funky for you
Gang Starr feat. Nice & Smooth – Dwyck
Nice & Smooth – Hip Hop Junkies
Beastie Boys – Sure Shot
Eric B & Rakim – Don’t sweat the technique
The Fugees – Nappy Heads
Eric B. & Rakim – Juice
Daz Dillinger – Round n Round We Go
El Doe – Get That Paper
Redman – Put it down
Puff Daddy – Blast off
Rah Digga – Break Fool
Digital Underground – Humpty Dance
Wreckx N Effect – Rump Shaker
James Brown – Blues and pants
Nas – Get Down
Method Man – All I Need feat. Mary J. Blige
Dj Fly – Wu Tang Clan Session
Wu Tang Clan – Gravel Pit
Jon Wayne – The Come Up, Pt. 1 (feat. Scoop De’Ville)
Mike Jones – Still tippin’
Trina, Mike Jon – Still Tippin Remix (It’s a man’s world )
Trina & Ludacris – Be All Right
Nas feat. Rick Ross – Its A Tower Heist
Nas – The message